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Marketing Dept. of Guangdong Jialang Industry Co., Ltd recently announced that they had successfully registered two trademarks BTOP®️ and DOMORE®️ in the UK, EU, US, and Russian markets. The good news indicated the aggressive market strategy of such a new but not young sports brand.


Our Story


It is well-known that China is the world’s largest toy manufacturer and number two toy market in the world, nearly producing around 70 percent of the world’s supply. And despite the coronavirus impact, China is still expected to become the largest toy market in future. Statistics show that China Toys Market was $48.3 Billion in 2020 and is expected to be a $61.3 Billion industry by 2026. In a word, China occupies an important position in the global toy market. But we should notice that around 95 percent of Chinese toy producers still rely on OEM business for foreign brands. Every year, China can offer a broad variety of toys with good quality but at low prices and without its global brands. The awkward situation for many Chinese toymakers is that they are difficult to extend to the high-end market.


As one of the thousands of toy manufacturers, Guangdong Jialang Industry Co., Ltd grew up together with China’s toy market for over two decades. Its story traces the growth of a small workshop to be an industry influencer who aims to build a global brand.


Since 2000, Guangdong Jialang Industry Co., Ltd (hereinafter called Jialang)began to produce kids' sports toys and adult sports goods. After continuous upgrading and innovation year by year, it has developed into a professional manufacturer equipped with advanced facilities from the original small workshop. The company attaches great importance to quality to provide top-quality products for consumers. All of the items are required to meet the strict test standards. Today, it has become the preferred choice of businesses all over the world.


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Drive We Forward: Global Branding

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With over two decades of development, Jialang has made great achievements in the industry. It has established good relationships with top world retailers, such as Target / Walmart /CVS / Kohl's/TRU, etc. But the leaders of Jialang’s management found that they began to lack customers’ cognition and risk-resistant ability once upon a time. The pressure of global competition also forced them to re-inspect the enterprise. Finally, the crux of the problem emerges. Because the company had too much reliance rely on OEM or ODM business, which controls the further development of enterprise.


So, how to solve the problem? How to drive the enterprise to move forward and win the global market? Jialang’s management believed that it was time to build and organize a global brand strategy. Only in this way will its business be recognized by more people all around the world, and the regional market share increased among strong competitors with effective branding.


For brands that have already increased their regional market share and want to grow, expanding to other countries could be the natural way to go.


What We Have Done


  • Re-evaluate Customer and Market


We can’t build a brand strategy without surveys. The survey lays the foundation. First, we got to know customers according to historical data, to understand their wants, needs, and preferences. And then we got to know the target market to define where we fit and how we stand apart.


  • Build Clear Brand Positioning


The positioning of a brand refers to the image or identity that a brand occupies in the minds of the customers and how it is distinguished from other competitors. Precise positioning can form a cognition for the brand that consumers can perceive in a certain way. After the re-evaluation on customers and market, Jialang did the precise positioning: to be a kids sports toys & adult sports goods expert. According to this brand positioning, Jialang then adjusted its marketing promotion strategy, product strategy, price strategy, service strategy, etc.


  • Improve Core Values


The core values reflect the ethos of a company. They can serve as the compass that guides our actions, behaviors, and decision-making process. So what are Jialang’s core values?


1.Quality: Provide outstanding products & services to customers.


2. BTOP: "be top, be yourself": To be an industry influencer.


3.Customer-oriented: Put customers' needs and wants at the core of business principles. 


4. Responsibility: Do the right thing.


5. Creative: Refuse to settle for obvious solutions.


  • Custom Unique Logo and Mascot


A successful or timeless logo or a mascot can uniquely identify the brand of a company among competitors. To show off Jialang brand's personality, we had done everything to seek professional designers to custom our unique logo and mascot. Especially the lion mascot who has blond hair and wears a red hairband gives him an “active” look, which is in line with the sports temperament of its brand.

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  • Build On-line Brand Platforms


From the last part of 2021, Jialang began to build brands online on various social media sites and its own platform. On 31st March, Jialang issued its English website online. On one hand, the new official website provided a window that can deliver the brand as well as products news to customers and partners on time. On the other hand, it spread the brand image and culture to arouse consumers’ identification in terms of psychology and value.


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Outlook of Our Global Branding


Building a brand is definitely a hard and long process, which requires great patience and wise strategy. However, the ongoing effort will result in earned success and achievements. We believe that Jialang’s global branding will have a good outlook. What we need is to do more! Let's work hard to make dreams come true!


Now, we are sincerely looking for trust distributors all over the world. Welcome to join us! For more information, pls contact us: .